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Our unique mix of capabilities, resources and experiences allows us to understand and adapt to the unque needs of key business stakeholders with relevant and tailored service combinations.

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For Human Resource & Talent Executives

In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) redefines the boundaries of innovation and efficiency, the role of Human Resources transcends traditional paradigms.


HR stands at the crossroads of technological advancement and human-centric leadership, uniquely positioned to steer the organization through the waves of AI transformation.

Services for HR Execs:

  • Workforce Intelligence Strategies

  • Employee Lifecycle Listening & Analytics Strategies

  • HRIS Technology Planning

  • L&D Technology Planning

  • AI-Driven HR Productivity Enhancement

CTO / CIO and Technology Leaders

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the mantle of innovation rests with those at the helm of technology strategy.


As a Chief Technology Officer, you are not just managing IT operations; you are the visionary architecting the future of your organization in the digital age.

Services for Technology Leaders:

  • AI Technology Vendor Assessment

  • AI Process & Workflow Engineering

  • Fractional CTIO Services

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COO & Operations Leaders

In today's dynamic business landscape, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is redefining the very fabric of operational efficiency, the role of the Chief Operating Officer transcends traditional boundaries.


As a COO, you are the orchestrator of day-to-day operations, tasked with the monumental goal of integrating AI to not only enhance efficiency but also to foster innovation and scalability.

Services for Operations Leaders:

  • A.I. Process & Workflow Engineering

  • Fractional COO Services

  • Just-in-time Knowledge Solutions

Team and People Leaders

In a business landscape transformed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the role of Team and People Leaders becomes pivotal. As custodians of team spirit and performance, your leadership is crucial in navigating the complexities of AI integration to ensure that your teams not only adapt but excel.

Team and People Leaders are the linchpins in the mechanics of corporate operation, directly influencing the day-to-day activities and strategic direction of their teams. 

Services for People Leaders:

  • Team A.I. Readiness Assessments

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Workforce Development Strategies

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Agency and Professional Service Leaders

In the fast-paced, competitive world of professional services and agencies, staying ahead requires not just keeping up with industry trends but setting them. As an Agency or Professional Service Leader, your mandate is to drive excellence, innovation, and growth through smart, strategic use of technology—specifically, Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Your role demands the orchestration of high-level strategies that leverage technology to enhance service delivery, optimize operational efficiency, and create unique client value.

Services for Agency Leaders:

  • L&D Operations Advisory

  • AI. Driven Productivity Enhancement

  • Special Project Development

Client Stories

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How CPA Ontario Transformed Professional Development

Challenge: CPA Ontario needed to modernize its Professional Development (PD) platform to improve accessibility and engagement.

Solution: Yenza3 led a strategic overhaul, managing an RFP process to integrate cutting-edge technology and redesign the learning ecosystem.

Impact: The new PD platform significantly boosted member engagement and positioned CPA Ontario as a leader in innovative education.

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