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Yenza3’s tailored suite of services is designed through research and experience to help any organization accelerate transformation.

Each service is crafted to leverage cutting-edge technology alongside deep strategic insights to enhance your operational efficiency, drive innovation, and foster sustainable growth.

Explore how our solutions can help you navigate the complexities of organizational transformation and secure a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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A.I. Strategy & Integration

Adapting and adopting AI is a people strategy, not a technology strategy.

Getting your teams to explore, adopt, and leverage the benefits of rapidly evolving AI technologies across all functions of your organization requires having your people aligned and engaged. 

At Yenza3, we understand people-centric technology adoption, and offer a number of services to help you identity, plan, and develop A.I. adaptability at the individual, team, and workforce levels.


  • Leadership Advisory / Research

  • Team A.I. Readiness Assessment

  • Opportunity & Risk  Assessment

  • A.I. Initiative Prioritization & Planning

  • A.I. Workforce Transformation

  • A.I. Training & Development

  • A.I. Technology Vendor Assessment

  • A.I. Process & Workflow Engineering

Strategic Consulting

With more than six decades of experience across a variety of organizations and sectors our team brings unique perspective, skills an capabilities to the accelerating challenges organizations are facing.

Our team offers a unique blend of HR, Technology and Business leaders who combine to focus on solving the particular business challenges organizations face at the intersection of workforce, technology, and operations.

We provide research, investigative, advisory, and fractional / hand-on leadership for a variety of scenarios.


  • Leadership Coaching

  • Leadership Workshopping

  • Executive Topic Research

  • Fractional CHRO, CMO, CTIO, COO

  • Speical Project Development

Business Meeting
Financial Data

HR Data & Technology Planning

The key to a robust, resilient and effective workforce strategy is accurate, relevant and timely workforce intelligence and insights.

This however, can be hard to extract, and even harder to make sense of .


Our experience from LAX to the IIBA and a variety of organizations in between has allowed us to develop skills and capabilities to not only work with data but also help client identify, develop and implement the policies, platforms and procedures to enable and enhance their own HR intelligence capabilities.


  • Workforce Intelligence Strategies

  • Employee Lifecycle Listening & Analytics Strategies

  • HRIS Technology Planning

  • L&D Technology Planning

  • Overall HR Tech Stack Assessment and Planning

Talent & Workforce Development

Our enterprise workforce learning and development offerings equip firms to navigate today’s technological and work culture challenges.


We provide tailored workforce development solutions that enhance digital fluency and foster an adaptive culture, ensuring teams are agile, proficient in cutting-edge technologies, and poised for future shifts in the workplace. Let us transform your organization's learning journey.


  • Workforce Development Strategies

  • L&D Strategy Development

  • L&D Operations Advisory

  • L&D Platform / Tech Identification 

  • Training Content Development

  • AI. Driven Productivity Enhancement

Team Meeting
Flight Board

Enterprise Knowledge Management

Our knowledge management solutions empower firms to master the complexity of modern business by ensuring critical information is accessible and actionable.


We streamline data flow and enhance communication, enabling your workforce to stay informed and responsive to rapidly changing conditions. Let us help you build a smarter, more connected organization ready to thrive in today's dynamic environment.


  • Knowledge Management Strategies

  • Knowledge Management Platforms

  • Knowledge Management Policies

  • Enterprise knowledge Data Systems

  • Just-in-time Knowledge Solutions

  • Workforce Performance Enablement Ecosystem Design

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