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A.I. Strategy & Integration Services

Over the next five years, every commercial organization will need to deal with the impact of A.I. You might as well get it right.
Based on decades of experience designing, implementing and managing business and workforce transformations, Yenza3 has developed a set of services designed to help organization navigate both the opportunities and risks of A.I.

A.I. Navigator Program

Developing A.I. Advantage and resilience starts with your people. However, are they ready? What do you know about their A.I. skills,  trainability, and experiences relative to their roles and functions? How will you identify, rank and prioritize which A.I. use cases get the most attention? 

A.I. Adaption Navigator is a five part program designed to build a people driven A.I. adoption strategy that is flexible, scalable and resilient.


1-on-1 Trend Conversation with our Experts

A.I. FIRESIDE chats are an opportunity to connect with one or more of our team to for a debrief on AI trends and opportunities that will impact your business.


Map your teams awarness, readiness and current AI experience

A.I. PULSE CHECK is a proprietary workforce survey tool, tailored to each organization that assesses the Awareness, Readiness and Current AI experience across your individuals, teams and organization.


Identify and Rank your AI Business Opportunities, Risks and Impact

A.I. PATHWAYS. is a proprietary investigation and analysis tool that identifies and ranks the Opportunities and Risks across your business and ranks them on a proprietary Impact Index.


Sort, Scope and Plan your AI Transformation Projects

A.I. BLUEPRINTS is a proprietary AI project planning process that leverages the A.A.R.C. and O.R.I.I. insights to identify, rank and define AI project priorities that are the right fit for each organization.


Get the support you need for long term A.I. transformation

A.I. UNWAY is hands-on support from our talent, technology and change experts to navigate the people, policy, platform and process changes necessary for efficient and effective AI transformation.

Four Ways We Help Organizations
Navigate thier Future with A.I.

Based on years of enterprise level people and technology transformation experience, we have developed a set of flexible, and scalable tailored services to meet the unique challenges A.I. transformation is creating for organizations of all kinds and sizes.

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