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Founded by a unique mix of HR, Digital and Business leaders, we bring a powerful blend of hands-on business, technology, and people strategy capabilities to your organization.


Shveta Malhan

Managing Partner

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Leading Yenza3’s people practice, with a visionary approach, Shveta is blending 22 years of diverse, global experience in AI digital transformation, business strategy, and human capital innovation.


With a history of roles at GE, Intel, Deloitte and Klick where she revolutionized HR/People practices, Shveta is a skilled in driving substantial growth and competitive advantage through people-first strategies. Her expertise spans developing high-performance enablement ecosystems, leading strategic change, and integrating data-driven people insights to foster agile, future-ready organizations.


At Yenza3, Shveta is dedicated to leading with a people-first approach, ensuring that our solutions not only drive business success but also foster a culture of growth, inclusivity, and empowerment. 

Anuj Rastogi

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Advisor - Business and Technology Strategy

With over 15 years of experience, Anuj is a seasoned and accomplished digital marketer and technologist. A depth of experience in leading digital agencies with clients spanning telecom, retail, financial services, investments, hospitality, pharmaceuticals and the public sector allows Anuj to challenge the status quo and infuse new, creative approaches to every challenge.

Most recently serving as Group Account Director at Klick Learning Solutions, Anuj is a highly solution-oriented professional, driven, and passionate leader.

Combining his deep enterprise technology, customer and employee journey experience with a laser focus on data-driven insights makes Anuj a compelling partner to drive actual results and momentum for our clients.


Martin Byrne

Advisor - Technology and Data Strategy

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As Co-founder of Toronto’s first website design studio, Martin has spent the last 25 years building relationships between organizations and their audiences through digital technology, strategy and experience.


From launching North America’s first online banking site to building Canada’s first mobile breaking news platform for the National Post, Martin has focused on pushing his clients towards innovation and breaking new digital ground wherever possible.

Martin has served roles that include founder, CTO, director of innovation, managing director, interactive director, director of operations, digital strategist leading projects for organizations including Walmart, TD Bank, BMW, Yahoo, Bell, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Rogers among others.

... and a Network of Global Partners

We Support you by bringing you the right technology, service and resource partners you can trust ... because we do.

  • Domain and vertical specialists

  • Brand, Identity and User Experience Desgin Experts

  • Technology Engineering 

  • Learning and Development Content Producers

  • Data Science and Analysis Professionals

  • AI Platform Partners

... and many more trusted experts and vendors from our three decades of experience.

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