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Explore how Yenza3 has empowered organizations to innovate and transform.


Our case studies below showcase our strategic approach in enhancing operational efficiencies and driving growth through tailored solutions across various industries. Discover the impact of our partnerships and how we turn challenges into opportunities.



Transforming Knowledge Management at Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA)

Challenge: Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) sought to upgrade its knowledge management system to enhance operational decision-making.

Solution: Yenza3 developed a comprehensive strategy and implementation roadmap, integrating advanced knowledge management practices.

Impact: LAWA adopted a state-of-the-art system, improving efficiency and strategic capabilities across its operations.


Revolutionizing Professional Development at CPA Ontario

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Challenge: CPA Ontario needed to modernize its Professional Development (PD) platform to improve accessibility and engagement.

Solution: Yenza3 led a strategic overhaul, managing an RFP process to integrate cutting-edge technology and redesign the learning ecosystem.

Impact: The new PD platform significantly boosted member engagement and positioned CPA Ontario as a leader in innovative education.

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Global Market Expansion Insights

Challenge: IIBA needed detailed market insights to inform its strategic expansion in diverse global markets.

Solution: Yenza3 conducted extensive market research and synthesized insights to guide IIBA’s global strategy and marketing efforts.

Impact: Armed with strategic insights, IIBA effectively targeted expansion efforts and enhanced its global presence.

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